1000 Moringa Oleifera Quality Seeds

1000 Moringa Oleifera Quality Seeds

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ALL OUR ORDERS ARE SHIPPED FROM THAILAND Moringa oleifera seeds also called in Thai Ma-Room. Absolutely fresh and for germination only. Drumstick-tree Moringa oleifera Miracle tree Horseradish-tree. Drumstick-tree Moringa oleifera Miracle tree Horseradish-tree Almost every part of plant is of value for food. Seed is said to be eaten like a peanut in Malaya. Thickened root used as substitute for horseradish. Foliage eaten as greens, in salads, in vegetable curries, as pickles and for seasoning. Leaves pounded up and used for scrubbing utensils and for cleaning walls. Seeds yield 38-40% of a non-drying oil, known as Ben Oil, used in arts and for lubricating watches and other delicate machinery. Oil is clear, sweet and odorless, never becoming rancid; consequently it is edible and useful in the manufacture of perfumes and hairdressings. Wood yields blue dye. Leaves and young branches are relished by livestock. Commonly planted in Africa as a living fence (Hausa) tree. Trees planted on graves are believed to keep away hyenas and its branches are used as charms against witchcraft. Bark can serve for tanning; it also yields a coarse fiber.

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